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Indian Railway Killer Admits Hatred of Muslims Motivated His Actions

An Indian Railway Protection Force constable has admitted to shooting and killing four people on a train in Maharashtra due to his hatred of Muslims.

The incident occurred on July 31 when Chetan Kumar Singh, a 33-year-old constable, shot his senior officer and three Muslim passengers on the Jaipur-Mumbai Superfast Express. Reports suggest Singh doesn’t regret the killings and expressed intentions to kill more people if the train hadn’t stopped. He revealed his animosity towards the Muslim community and refused a medical check-up by a bearded doctor, assuming the doctor was Muslim.

Singh’s lawyer claimed mental instability, but the police assert his mental health is sound. The event has raised concerns about Muslims’ safety on Indian trains. In a separate incident, a police inspector in Tamil Nadu was suspended for posting hate speech against Christians and Muslims. The comment by Inspector P Rajendran ignited controversy and led to his suspension by the Greater Chennai Police Commissioner. These events highlight concerns over radicalization within India’s police force.