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India is burning, Arundhati Roy speaks up on Haryana and Manipur

Kerala: Famous Indian author Arundhati Roy has spoken up about the communal riots in the Indian state of Manipur which have shocked the whole world.

The extent of injustice in Manipur reached its heights when videos of two women being stripped naked and paraded on the streets surfaced, which resulted in a wave of anger across India.

According to the newspaper Dainik Hindustan, Arundhati Roy said that Manipur is facing communal riots, the state government is biased and the security forces are divided. This issue is not isolated, similar reactions have been seen in other parts of the country like Haryana. Arundhati expressed these views during an event in Kerala.

the country is going through a different phase. You won’t understand it in Kerala. You are in a place where you are still relatively politically educated but things have gone very wrong in other parts of the country, she said.

Arundhati said rape has been used as a weapon of violence. Today we are in a situation where women are justifying rape, where women are telling men to violate the chastity of other women. It’s not just the Manipur case. Regardless of who is committing rape, women are standing with the community and have become psychotic.

She further said that today our condition is such that the police are handing over women to the mob to violate their chastity. In Haryana, the people accused of burning alive two Muslim men are leading religious rallies. A railway protection officer is shooting Muslims demanding that you vote for Modi.

Criticizing the situation, Arundhati said that when the country was in some kind of war where women were being stripped naked and raped and Muslims were running to save their lives, the Prime Minister was tweeting that he has cake for dinner.

Speaking at the event she said that if you are in a relatively better position, you have a greater responsibility to respond to the situation and if we don’t speak, how will history remember us? If you did nothing for the country in this situation, your children and their children will be ashamed of you.

It is notable that Arundhati Roy demanded the Kerala government become a role model by releasing social activist, Grow Vasu.