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Hafiz Naeem Demands Immediate Reversal of Petroleum Price Hike

Karachi: Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman has strongly condemned the shocking increase of Rs 19.95 in the prices of petroleum products and said that the recent increase in petroleum prices is the economic murder of the people, the increase in petrol prices will not be accepted in any way.

Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman said that people are already worried about paying heavy electricity bills and on the other hand, a petrol bomb has been dropped on them. Inflation has broken the back of the people. Due to the worst increase in inflation, the existence of the middle class is disappearing. Citizens, including children, are being forced to commit suicide.

Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi said that not only do people directly suffer from the increase in prices of petroleum products, but its impact is also seen in the form of an increase in prices of consumer goods and necessities of life. Bureaucracy is being provided with luxury cars and free electricity and on the other hand, petrol and electricity bombs are being dropped on the people.

He said that the current rulers have failed to provide relief to the people, the government promises and claims are proving to be hollow. It should have been that relief was given to the people due to inflation and the prices of essential items including food items should have been reduced because people are already deprived of basic facilities like electricity, water and gas.

Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman said that an additional amount is already being collected from the people through various types of taxes on petrol prices which is sheer oppression and tyranny. The situation is that no benefit has reached the people despite the reduction in oil prices at the international level.

He said that people are directly affected by the increase in petrol prices because as soon as petrol prices rise, it has a very bad effect on the monthly budget of poor and middle-class households. The rulers should abandon their royal expenses and provide relief to the people and immediately withdraw the decision to increase the prices of petroleum products.