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PUBG: An Extremely Dangerous Game, Destroying Households and Lives of Youth

Karachi: PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is an extremely dangerous game that has ruined many families and swallowed the lives of young individuals. Young people are becoming addicted, falling prey to psychological disorders, and becoming socially detached. Education and health are severely impacted, with trembling hands and decreased cognitive abilities. Seema’s friendship with Sachin also took place in this game. In Lahore, an 18-year-old student killed his entire family.

These thoughts have been expressed by Professor Abdullah Khan from Australia who has been involved in the field of education for the past 33 years, and is the Chairman of the Islamic Schools Association of Australia and the Executive Principal of Islamic College, Professor Nasim Anjum, a renowned fiction writer, senior columnist, author of several books, playwright for Radio Pakistan’s international service, Mohammad Farooq Afzal, Ambassador of Character Education Foundation Pakistan Karachi and the founder and president of Pakistan-Turkey Business Forum, and renowned education expert, Ayesha Adnan a prominent journalist, answered the question, “What impacts are games like PUBG having on the new generation?”

Professor Abdullah Khan stated that games like PUBG can have various effects on young individuals. Some possible positive effects are as follows:

  1. Social Interaction: PUBG and similar games provide opportunities for young people to interact with their peers, make friends through online multiplayer modes, and build friendships.
  2. Cognitive Skills: These games require critical thinking, quick decision-making, and problem-solving skills.
  3. Competitive Spirit: PUBG is an extremely competitive game that can instill a sense of competition among young players.
  4. Time Management: Games like PUBG teach time management skills.
  5. Emotional Impact: Gaming can evoke strong emotional reactions and expressions.

However, there are several negative effects of excessive gaming on young individuals:

  1. Addiction: Excessive gaming and forced behavior can lead to addiction, causing neglect of other important activities such as schoolwork, social affairs, and sleep.
  2. Aggressive Behavior: Prolonged exposure to violent gameplay can desensitize young individuals to real-world violence and increase aggressive tendencies.
  3. Health Issues: Spending excessive time sitting and gaming can lead to physical health issues. It is essential for young people to maintain a balanced lifestyle with regular exercise and outdoor activities.
  4. Social Isolation: Excessive gaming can lead to social withdrawal and isolation, replacing real-life interactions with virtual ones.
  5. Educational Consequences: If gaming becomes a primary focus and time-consuming activity, it can negatively affect academic performance.
  6. Financial Burden: In some cases, young people may spend money on in-game purchases, subscriptions, or virtual items, leading to financial stress for them and their families.

Professor Abdullah Khan said that Islamic teachings emphasize the importance of avoiding harmful and immoral content. It encourages maintaining balance and moderation in all aspects of life. It urges individuals to refrain from addictive and harmful behaviors. If PUBG and similar games are causing negative character traits, they should be discouraged.

Prof. Nasim Anjum highlighted that PUBG is a video game that has ruined many families. Its addiction obscures the player’s understanding, intellect, and consciousness, and in such situations, the player cannot think beyond winning and losing the game. The game seems to be a curse, and its consequences are more severe in those households that are distant from religion and neglect prayers, fasting, charity, and other religious practices. In such an environment, the negative effects on children’s minds become evident.

He stated that there are different opinions on the game PUBG and in Pakistan, there are many people who play it. In 2022 an incident related to PUBG happened, involving an 18-year-old student, Ali Zain,  who had also got admission to study medicine abroad. The youngster woke up at night to accomplish his mission. He took his father’s pistol and killed his mother and two sisters, when his elder brother heard the gunshots and came upstairs, the youngster, Ali Zain, shot and killed him too. After committing these crimes, the youngster went to the lower floor and fell asleep peacefully. In Lahore High Court, an applicant had written that the adverse effects of this game are increasing in Pakistan, therefore, a ban should be imposed on it. The provincial and federal governments were requested to declare this game illegal. In India, PUBG has been. In Pakistan, several years have passed since this tragic incident, but nothing has changed, and the government does not have time to prepare any action plan for the protection of citizens’ lives and property. If the government had imposed a ban on PUBG and parents had paid attention to their responsibilities, today Seema and Ikra Jiwani would not have been the cause of defamation for their country and religion.

Muhammad Farooq Afzal said that PUBG is a video game. Computers and technology have made video games accessible and affordable. Everyone, young and old, is being affected by this game named ‘PUBG.’ The biggest drawback of this digital game is that its users gradually distance themselves from society and social matters, preferring isolation. There are also many physical disadvantages to this game. While playing, a person may not realize it, but the radiations emitted from mobile phones are extremely harmful to the human brain and eyes. According to an appraisal, sitting in one place for a long time heats up the fat in our veins and slows down the flow of blood in our bodies. This process can assist in reducing or stopping the blood flow to the heart, posing a dangerous threat to our health. Due to this digital game, digital players become victims of psychological disorders. Their minds are constantly filled with thoughts of conflict, violence, and fighting. Many young people fall into the trap of addiction because of it. The gaming environment is often filled with profanity. PUBG game is fueling crimes and violence among young people.

Aisha Adnan pointed out that PUBG has become dangerous in Pakistan. Children are engrossed in this game, even right after coming home from school. It not only wastes time but has now led to murder cases. The game has taken a bloody turn, and parents are extremely worried. PUBG is an extremely dangerous and violent online video game that has ruined many households and swallowed the lives of young people, not only in Pakistan but in several other countries as well. Due to society’s negligence, this game is becoming a new social epidemic. In many countries around the world, there is a ban on playing this game.