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United Nations Issues Severe Heatwave Warning

New York: Following the intense heatwaves in several countries, the United Nations has issued a global warning. According to international news agencies, United Nations has cautioned that after the unusually severe heatwaves in China and the United States, the world needs to be prepared for an unexpected and significant increase in heat intensity. Failure to take adequate precautions could lead to greater losses.

United Nations attributed the unprecedented surge in heat to climate change and stressed the need for collective action and systematic planning to address environmental concerns. The United Nations has requested global organizations to take measures to prevent deforestation, construction on waterways, and any actions that may have negative impacts on the environment.

It is worth noting that the United States has broken a 50-year heat record, while in China the temperature has reached up to 52 degrees Celsius. Italy also experienced a scorching 44-degree temperature. The ramifications of climatic changes have caused more than 500 wildfires in Canada’s forests and similar situations in the forests of Spain, Greece, and Switzerland.