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Floodwater from India enters Shakargarh, Crops submerged

Shakargarh: Floodwater from India has entered the border village of Jalala in Shakargarh. Due to the flooding, crops have been submerged, and individuals engaged in paddy cultivation have been trapped. Approximately 300 men, women, and children were rescued. Yesterday, India released floodwater from the River Ravi, leaving behind 185,000 cusecs of water. The floodwater is now flowing towards Kartarpur Bridge, and it is expected to reach Shahdara Lahore within the next 48 hours. River Ravi, Nala Baeen, and other adjoining nullahs are also experiencing torrential flooding.

An alert has been issued in districts connected to the River Ravi and the River Chenab, and relief camps have been set up in various districts in anticipation of the flood. According to Provincial Disaster Management Authority )PDMA(, there is a medium-level flood at the Marala location in River Chenab, while lower-level flooding is occurring at Khanki and Qadirabad in River Chenab. There is also a medium-level flood in Shakar Ghar Nala Baeen. Water flow in other rivers, canals, dams, and nullahs is being monitored, and constant vigilance is being maintained. Control rooms are monitoring the situation in Punjab.