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10 Facts That Make Tom Holland The Best Spider-Man!

There is no better time to talk about Spider-Man than the Spider-Man Day that was celebrated on 1st August in places where Spider-Man is considered to be the biggest, the smartest and the most loveable hero of all. With the Spider-Man: Far From Home doing well in cinemas worldwide, we decided to find out what makes Tom Holland’s Spider-Man the best of all, even better than Tobey Maguire’s or Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man who fall pale in comparison. The suit is the same, the swing hasn’t changed and neither has the love interest; so why has Tom Holland made more Spider-Man appearances than both these actors and continues to grow into the Spider-Verse; let’s find out:

  1. His age makes him closer to Peter Parker

When Tobey Maguire became Spider-Man in 2002, he was 27 years old whereas Andrew Garfield was 29 when he donned the Spidey costume in 2012. Tom Holland celebrated his 20th birthday after the release of Captain America: Civil War making him close to teenaged Peter Parker’s age when a radioactive spider bit him at a science exhibit.

  1. He seems to be an average teenager with everyday problems

What made Spider-Man everyone’s favorite character when he made his debut in 1962 was the fact that unlike the perfect Superheroes from DC Universe, Spider-Man was anything but perfect! He may have Superpowers but Peter Parker was supposed to be home every night, he was expected to do well at school and his Aunt May wanted him to stay out of trouble, without realizing that he was the trouble magnet. Tom Holland fits the character because he looks like a student who has to deal with bullies in school, follow a demanding girlfriend, care about his crush, have rich friends, and a teacher who understands him well etc., things that we all can relate to.

  1. His biggest asset is his dedication to the character

Tom Holland has played Spider-Man in as many as 5 different films, which is equal to the total number of Spider-Man films done by Tobey Maguire (3) and Andrew Garfield (2). Since he has no other big films ready for release, he is Spider-Man 365 days a year and was even interacting with his fans energetically at Bali, where Sony Pictures took him for promotions. Tobey and Andrew never did that, did they?

  1. He was a ‘nobody’ before Spider-Man!

Before he became Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire had done Pleasantville (1998), The Cider House Rules (1999) and Wonder Boys (2000); Andrew Garfield was part of The Social Network (2010) before he decided to play Peter Parker. Tom Holland was a ‘nobody’ when he was approached to play Peter Parker and whoever has known him, has known him as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! Yes, he had worked with Chris Hemsworth in In the Heart of the Sea but that was after he was locked as the boy from Queens who joins hands with the best in the business to save our world.

  1. His portrayal is closest to Marvel’s finest character

To play a teenager, you have to be a teenager! Not every actor can be blessed with youthful looks like Michael J Fox who played a teenager in Back To The Future trilogy when he was in his 20s. When Tom Holland donned the costume for the first time, he was a teenager and he has maintained himself in the same way so that he can play Spider-Man for a long time. He is clumsy in real life as well, and is famous for disclosing crucial details of films to reporters in his interview. In fact, in the last two films featuring him, the makers didn’t tell him the end to keep their climax a secret, and they succeeded!

  1. He represents the new era of Media, unlike others

The world in which we live in is changing quickly; when Spider-Man became a sensation in the 60s, the print was king; when the first Sam Raimi film was released, the print was in its final stages. Now, in 2019, print is gone and it has been replaced by digital which is one medium Tom Holland excels in. He is a frequent user of Instagram and Snapchat and communicates with his fans on Twitter and other mediums, making him a kid of modern times. From what we saw in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man will be brought down by J Jonah Jameson who is now a YouTube Shock Jock, instead of the owner of the Daily Bugle. Interesting, isn’t it?

  1. He is discovering his talents, just like Peter

He came, he swung and he became Spider-Man, that’s true for Tom Holland but it’s also similar to Peter Parker. Like his onscreen character, Tom Holland is stepping into other zones such as acting opposite Benedict Cumberbatch and Nicholas Hoult in The Current War, or giving voice over to a character in Spies In Disguise alongside Will Smith. In a way, it is more or less like Peter Parker discovering he doesn’t need glasses to look ahead, he can jump a tall building in a single bound and has a Spidey Signal to warn him of bad things.

  1. He might be in for the game for a long time

Unlike other superheroes, Spider-Man is quite young and that’s exactly what can be said of Tom Holland. He is just 23 years old at the moment and might be in the game for a long time. Who knows, in Phase VII of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, he might be leading a new team of Avengers as their boss, on the lines of Nick Fury who has to eventually die of old age.

  1. Tony Stark trusted him with his most powerful gadget

Every person who loves Marvel Comics and its characters was sad on the passing of Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame. What’s important to know here is that even after he is gone, Iron Man takes care of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and Spider-Man by giving him access to his artificial intelligence glasses EDITH that is the most powerful weapon in the world. He never appeared when the chips were down in Tobey Maguire’s universe or when Andrew Garfield was in trouble because for Iron Man, Tom Holland is more important. And same is the case with us.

  1. He was Stan Lee’s last choice as the web-slinger

And since Tom Holland was approved as Spider-Man by Stan Lee when he was alive, we have to adhere to the wishes of the late creator of most Marvel characters. He must have seen some spark in the actor to appoint him as the first Spider-Man to join hands with the Avengers in live-action and when Stan Lee has no objections, we are no ones to make changes. He would have been a very happy man had he been alive to watch the scene where Spider-man returns from ‘the Blip’ and explains to Iron Man about his disappearance. No other Spider-Man has made us cry this much and that’s why we all love Tom Holland for being the best, there is!

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