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Tamid Aijazi, CEO – The News Tribe, Joins Pakistan Association Dubai

TNT Desk
Dubai: Tamjid Aijazi, the CEO of The News Tribe, has joined hands with the Pakistan Association Dubai as a member to bring about positive change...
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TIGERS: Movie exposing Nestlé to be screened at The University of Western Australia

TNT Desk
PERTH: More than 15 million people have so far watched the trailer for the feature film Tigers, by Oscar-winning director Danis Tanovic (“No Man’s Land”), co-written with Andy Paterson (“Girl...
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Pakistani Australian entrepreneur acquires 50 percent stake in The News Tribe

Israr Ahmed
KARACHI: Pakistani-Australian entrepreneur and social activist, Tamjid Aijazi, has acquired 50 percent stake in The News Tribe, Pakistan’s largest independent bi-lingual news website for an...