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The Truth about Feminism

The imperialist attack against Islam is many faceted and one of its main targets are Muslim women. Imperialist governments and imperialist agencies – UNDP, USAID and internationally funded local NGOs – are agitating in Muslim countries, such as Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to induce Muslim women to revolt against Islam.

The revolt against Islam is being organized by Feminist groups. The Feminist attack on religion began centuries ago and its first targets were the holy nuns of the Christian Church. Having almost destroyed the Christian social lifeworld, feminism is attacking other religions – not only Islam but also Hinduism and Judaism.

Islamic social order depends crucially upon women. That is why the Muslim community is known as the Ummah. The word is derived from Um – Mother. The wives of the Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) are the mothers of all Muslims. The first person to accept Islam and comfort the Prophet(صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) was Syeda Khadija. The first shaheed was Hazrat Sumayya. Even today the first person to invite a child to Islam is often his or her mother.

If a Muslim woman is corrupted – and the purpose of feminism is to corrupt Muslim women – Islamic social order will certainly be destroyed.

تم قوم کی ماں ہو سوچو ذرا
عورت سے ہمیں یہ کہنا ہے
اسلام تمہاری دولت ہے
اولاد تمہارا گہنا ہے

It is therefore essential for every Muslim woman to understand the threat posed by Feminism.

The Feminist Movement

The modern Feminist movement has its origins in the late nineteenth century. The first concern of this movement was the obtaining of voting rights for women in Europe and America. The movement gained impetus during the First World War (1914-18) when millions of women in Europe had to seek employment as their husbands, fathers and sons were on the battlefield.

The first state to officially recognize the demands of the Feminist movement was the Soviet Union where the communists came to power in 1917. The USSR was declared to be “a laboratory for women’s emancipation” by Lenin. Alexandra Kollotai was appointed as the Union Minister (commissioner) for social welfare. The ministry of social welfare instituted measures for female liberation and gender equality and the promotion of “free love”. Attempts were made to abolish the Christian family. Homosexuality was legalized for the first time in modern history. The Communist Party (the Bolsheviks) established an office of women’s affairs (the Zhenodel). The Red Army (which fought the Civil War during 1918-21) encouraged women soldiers to adopt masculine behavior patterns. Leading communist Feminists included Lenin’s whore Inessa Armand and Angelica Balabanoff. The institution of motherhood was degraded and ridiculed. Inspired by the Communist initiatives many Feminist leaders appeared in Europe and America during the inter war period (1919-1045) – Heneritte Roland Hurst in Netherlands, Sylvia Pankhurst in Britain, Claude Cahun in France etc. Many of them were lesbian and transsexuals. The Feminist movement was strengthened during the period of the Second World War especially in America but its real take off occurred during the late 1960s and 1970s when sexual liberation took the form of a mass movement and obscenity, pornography and vulgarity utterly destroyed Christian morality throughout European and American societies.

Having conquered Europe and America, feminism has become a willing imperialist tool. It is destroying Indian, East Asian and Latin American societies through their penetration by imperialist media, imperialist finance and other forms of imperialist “soft power”. Today only Islam has the moral authority and sociopolitical power to confront and defeat feminism.

Feminist Ideology

Feminism is a capitalist onslaught on religion. Through Feminist initiatives capitalism seeks to commodify women’s labor, women’s bodies and women’s spirit.

Commodification is the capitalist method for converting an object (labor, matter) into a source for the purpose of generating surplus. For over five thousand years (until the beginning of the twentieth century) women’s labor was mainly outside the circuit of capital – in the main women labored but they did not labor to produce surplus value. According to 2019 estimates about a billion women have become capitalist wage slaves in Europe, America and China and several hundreds of millions are joining their ranks in the offices, sweat shops and factories of India, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Capitalism has benefitted enormously from the commodification of female labor and promotion of capitalist employment and its intensification remains a prime objective of the Feminist movement.
Women’s bodies are also being commodified. Female bodies are prime resourcs for the booming entertainment industry and the essential pivot of the all-encompassing advertisement and marketing industry. Trillion of dollars are being made by the ongoing sales and purchases of female body images. This is “female emancipation”.

Women’s bodies have become capitalist property in Lockean terms. A key slogan of the global Feminist movement – echoed in the women’s march in Pakistan in 2022 – is “our bodies, our choice”. This is kufr because it explicitly proclaims human divinity. It denies that bodies belong to Allah and are entrusted us for a short period as a sacred trust. Capitalist possession of female bodies is a manifestation of the corruption of the soul.
Capitalist subjectification of female consciousness is reflected in the social devaluation of the institution of motherhood and of private life in general. Bringing women into the public sphere amounts to the capitalist colonization of private life – the dissolution of the family, the devaluation of the marriage contract, the subsumption of love by sex, the dismemberment of the community (brotherhood) and the bastardization of progeny. It transforms every woman into a potential prostitute.

کیا کم ہیں فرنگی مدنیت کی فتوحات

Our Response

As Islamic revolutionaries it is our duty to fight against this evil of feminism. In Pakistan the most effective Islamic response has been that of Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s movement Al-Huda which has been active in this struggle for several decades. It promotes Islamic culture and life practices in accordance with the teachings of Shariah. Its message is especially targeted to address the concerns of Western educated girls belonging to the elite – a cohort most vulnerable to imperialist Feminist exposure and propaganda. Through a well-planned and effectively coordinated educational and training programs Al-Huda has succeeded in changing the lives of many of our sisters and in frustrating Feminist imperialist designs.
The woman’s wings of the Jamaat-i-Islami and the women associates of the Tablighi Jamaat are also doing valuable work among middle income groups. A serious gap in our work is lack of focus on poor women in villages and city slums where imperialist funded NGOs are continually trying to organize and corrupt our less well-off and less educated sisters by enslaving them within the circuit of capital. It is urgently necessary that an Islamic social and political movements seriously address this challenge through a well-crafted national strategy.

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