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Rawalpindi: Police Arrested Man Wanted for Assaulting and Looting Female Teacher

Rawalpindi: The accused involved in the robbery and assault of a female teacher two days ago in the Hukamdad area of Waris Khan police station, was injured in an alleged police encounter and arrested.

According to the police, both robbers involved in looting the woman are brothers. One got injured and arrested while the other managed to escape. The dacoits involved in the incident opened fire at the police party at night. During retaliatory firing, one dacoit got injured and arrested while the other fled the scene.

When the police signaled a suspicious motorbike to stop, the dacoits opened fire at the police. After the alleged encounter, the arrested injured dacoit was identified as Hamza, from whom a pistol and motorbike were recovered.

The arrested dacoit confessed in the initial investigation that he along with his brother had looted and assaulted a female teacher a day ago in the Waris Khan area. Upon receiving the report of the incident, senior police officers reached the scene, and the process of setting up checkpoints and conducting a search operation to apprehend the fleeing suspect was underway.

According to police sources, the two accused belong to the Sadiqabad area. The accused had also snatched earrings from an elderly woman in the New Town police station area. They were also involved in an incident with a woman in the Khana area of Sadiqabad police station. The injured dacoit has been shifted to hospital.

Further important disclosures are expected during the investigation. The arrest of the accused and his accomplice was a challenge for the police. According to a police spokesperson, the escaped dacoit will also be arrested soon.