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Brazil’s Ex-President Accused of Selling Gifted Watch from Saudi Arabia, Possibility of Arrest

Brasília: There is a possibility of the former Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, being arrested on allegations of selling a watch received as a gift from Saudi Arabia. According to American media reports, in 2021, the Saudi government gifted valuable watches and jewelry to former Brazilian president Bolsonaro.

The valuable watch received in the gift was sold by Bolsonaro’s close associate in an American mall for a sum of $68,000, which the Brazilian president subsequently received. According to the report, 68-year-old Bolsonaro faces allegations of fraud and election manipulation, and several of his associates are currently in jail.

The former Brazilian president suffered defeat in the last elections, and he has been barred from holding any important positions for seven years. There is a possibility of his arrest on charges of selling the valuable watch received from Saudi Arabia.