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Kuwait Bans The Feminist-Misandrist Barbie Movie

Kuwait’s Information Ministry has banned the feminist-misandrist propaganda movie “Barbie” due to concerns about its negative impact on “public ethics and traditions.” Lafi al-Subaie, head of the Ministry’s film censorship committee, expressed that the movie promotes ideas that are alien to Kuwaiti society and public order.

The movie, featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken, has crossed the $1 billion mark in global box office earnings. From sexual innuendos to homosexuality, and transgenderism, the movie becomes a mouthpiece for feminist propaganda, presenting a narrative where Barbie rebels against a male-dominated society. In this portrayal, men are depicted as ridiculous and obsessed with Barbie, yet she rejects their advances. The film follows Barbie and Ken’s journey from Barbie Land to a patriarchal, male-dominated real world, where men are in control of everything. Ken returns to transform Barbie Land into a male-dominated kingdom, while Barbie organizes the female Barbies to challenge this structure. Barbie eventually triumphs by isolating and dominating men in Barbie Land.

At the heart of the movie’s narrative is that, men are obsessed-dependent on women, stupid, unintelligent, oppressive, and everything that can be considered deplorable, while women are intelligent, independent, and everything good in this world. The movie tries to show that a world free from patriarchal norms is a world led by women. This concept is depicted with a preference for women assuming leadership independently, without men. It highlights men as the supposed enemy of women and implies that to empower women, it’s essential to break down traditional social norms, institutions, and gender roles.

Kuwait’s move to ban the movie comes after Lebanon’s Culture Minister Mohammad Mortada called for a ban on the movie in his country, citing concerns that the film “promotes homosexuality and transsexuality.”

Lebanon’s Culture Minister requested measures to ban the movie in his country due to concerns over its portrayal of homosexuality, transsexuality, familial roles, and marriage. The Interior Minister in Lebanon subsequently tasked the country’s censorship committee with reviewing the film and providing a recommendation.

It’s worth noting that the ban on “Barbie” in Kuwait is part of a broader pattern of censorship in various countries due to concerns about the movie’s content and its potential influence on societal norms and values.