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Over 12,000 Pakistanis Incarcerated in Foreign Prisons, Reveals Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Islamabad: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has presented details of Pakistani nationals imprisoned in foreign jails to the National Assembly.

According to the disclosed information, there are more than 12,000 Pakistanis currently detained in foreign prisons. Among them, 6,200 are incarcerated in jails of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia combined.

The documents reveal a breakdown of Pakistani prisoners in various countries: Abu Dhabi has 1,612, Dubai has 1,488, Jeddah has 1,504, and Riyadh has 1,596 Pakistani prisoners. Additionally, there are 209 Pakistanis held in Qatar, 329 in Turkey, and 811 in Greek prisons.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that 672 Pakistanis are imprisoned in Iraq, 208 in Manama, 115 in Spain, and 239 in China. Germany holds 119, Australia 44, and the United States holds 98 Pakistani prisoners.

The presented documents in the National Assembly also shed light on the crimes these detainees have been convicted of in different countries. In Malaysia, 151 Pakistanis are serving sentences, 55 in Kuwait, and 275 in British jails.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are 32 Pakistani prisoners in Denmark, 94 in Sri Lanka, 21 in the Maldives, 13 in Afghanistan, 12 in Jordan, and 8 in Nigeria.