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Asia Cup 2023: Pakistan-India Match Expected on 2nd September

Asia Cup 2023: Pakistan and India’s First Match Expected on 2nd September

Kandy: In the first match of the Asia Cup 2023, Pakistan and India’s teams are set to face each other in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka on 2nd September.

According to Indian media reports, the tournament’s four matches will be played in Pakistan, the host country for this year’s event, while the remaining nine matches will be played in Hambantota according to the hybrid model.

Due to political tensions between the two neighboring countries, India initially declined to tour Pakistan, leading to the adoption of the hybrid model.

The announcement of the tournament schedule is expected today (19th July) by the Asian Cricket Council.

On 15th July, a meeting took place between the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and ACC officials to finalize the schedule for the Asia Cup 2023, along with logistical and organizational arrangements, and marketing campaigns.

There is a possibility of the final schedule being announced during this week. With the opening match taking place in Pakistan, serving as the host for the event, the world is eagerly awaiting to experience Pakistan’s renowned hospitality for cricket enthusiasts from all around the globe.