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Pakistan Defeats South Korea in TEKKEN 7 Nations Cup Finals

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s gaming prowess reached new heights as the nation’s talented trio, Arslan Ash, Imran Khan, and Atif Butt, clinched the prestigious TEKKEN 7 Nations Cup in Riyadh. The exhilarating final saw Pakistan triumph over South Korea with a score of 3-2, securing the championship title.

The TEKKEN 7 Nations Cup, organized by the Saudi Esports Federation in Riyadh, featured 16 national teams from across the globe. Taking place from July 6 to July 9, the tournament provided gamers with a diverse selection of over 40 characters to choose from, as they battled their way through the competition for a remarkable prize pool of $1 million.

TEKKEN 7, renowned as one of the best-selling fighting games in the gaming franchise history, attracted a captivated audience as Pakistan’s team showcased their exceptional skills. Arslan Siddique, also known as “Arslan Ash,” Imran Khan, and Atif Butt delivered an outstanding performance, ultimately capturing the highly sought-after trophy in the thrilling final match.

Amidst roaring chants of “Pakistan” from the passionate crowd, the triumphant trio proudly lifted the trophy, expressing their gratitude and excitement. Imran Khan, in particular, conveyed his appreciation for the Saudi people, attributing their victory to the prayers and support of their mothers.

Pakistan’s journey to the finals included a remarkable victory over the United Kingdom, with a score of 2-1 in the semifinals. Before that, they dominated their opponents in the group stages, defeating South Africa, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, securing their spot in the semifinals.

This recent victory adds to Pakistan’s growing dominance in global Tekken competitions. In April, Arslan Siddique emerged victorious at the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) Japan 2023, solidifying his position as the winner of the world’s largest fighting game competition. With three EVO titles to his name, Siddique’s previous accomplishments include winning the Tekken 7 competition in Japan in February 2019 and triumphing at the Tekken 7 EVO in Las Vegas later that year, becoming the first unified EVO champion.

Pakistan’s gaming community celebrates this remarkable achievement, highlighting the nation’s talent and determination in the ever-expanding world of esports. As the team basks in their well-deserved victory, fans eagerly anticipate their future endeavors, confident that Pakistan’s gaming stars will continue to shine on the international stage.