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22 Killed in Air Strikes on Omdurman, Sudan

Khartoum: Amidst fierce fighting between warring factions in Sudan, recent aerial strikes by Sudanese forces have resulted in the deaths of 22 individuals and injuries to several others. The responsibility for attacks on residential areas has been attributed to paramilitary forces, marking the deadliest assault in residential areas since April 15th. The ongoing clashes between Sudan’s warring military factions have entered their twelfth week, with the Rapid Support Forces gaining significant ground in the capital city of Khartoum, its twin city Omdurman, and the coastal region of Port Sudan.

The protracted conflict has raised concerns that the ongoing hostilities could escalate into a large-scale civil war, attracting the attention of regional and international stakeholders. The situation has already led to the destabilization of western Darfur and bordering regions, resulting in the loss of at least 1,133 lives, according to the Federal Ministry of Health. Over 2.9 million people have been displaced, including approximately 700,000 individuals who sought refuge in neighboring countries.

In recent days, Omdurman has become the epicenter of the fighting, as the city’s western section serves as a crucial route for the Rapid Support Forces to receive reinforcements from their stronghold in Darfur. The government’s official media complex in Eastern Omdurman has also been targeted in night-time attacks, including the Friday night assault. Other attacks have taken place in the southern and eastern parts of Khartoum.