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Israeli Intelligence Mossad Network Exposed in Turkey, 7 Arrested

Ankara: In Turkey, a 56-member network of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has been exposed, leading to the arrest of seven Mossad operatives.

According to reports from international media, Turkey claimed to have uncovered the presence of active covert Israeli networks in the country. Turkey’s intelligence agency, MIT, revealed that they have apprehended seven individuals involved in espionage activities on behalf of Israel’s secretive agency, Mossad, including foreign nationals and individuals from the defense industry.

This operation, which lasted for months, also involved cooperation with Istanbul’s counterterrorism police unit. During this period, the intelligence agency’s Counter Intelligence Unit successfully captured seven individuals who confessed to working for the Israeli agency, Mossad.

According to the report by Turkey’s intelligence agency, MIT, these seven individuals were among the 56 agents operating in the form of numerous networks. All these networks were being monitored by 9 Mossad agents based in Tel Aviv, who have the capability to operate at an international level.