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Nokia is preferred choice of customers: Haseeb Ihtisham

Karachi: Nokia is preferred choice of customers: Haseeb Ihtisham.

Haseeb Ihtisham is Head of Marketing, Nokia Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is responsible to look after marketing, planning and portfolio management which involves overseeing development of marketing strategies and 360 marketing plans along with execution of ATL and BTL activities to achieve marketing targets.

Recently he was interviewed by *The News Tribe, here is what he says:

The number of branded mobile phone sales has been increasing with lion  share in the market. The monthly sales of handsets have crossed one million
benchmark, which is likely to surge in the coming months on local demand and emerging trends of technology. The demand depends on segments of customers particularly in the case of high-end and average price mobile handsets.

Nokia is ruling in the local market with biggest share and plan to retain its position with different brands.

The growth is the local market is genuine regardless the issue of mobile phone snatched because of the fact that every customers change his or her set in average two years to get connected with the latest technology though it is in entry-level sets or medium prices sets.

Pakistan’s market is vibrant and lucrative for Nokia with its increasing sales of brands in all segments of society. The country has immense potential for the handset markers having more than 107 million cellular subscribers with diversity of handsets’ use for advanced applications to simple communications.

The sales of our products are healthy with passage of time since Nokia has
started its operation in Pakistan. Nokia is constantly expanding its network of its business directly and indirectly through its partners and penetrating speedily throughout the country with its quality products.

Customers are adopting new technologies in Pakistan  with quite good pace because they have realized that a handset is beyond SMS or Calls. The trend of using internet for communication and downloading videos and audios for entertainment purposes.

Nokia provides customers handsets with cutting-edge features at lowest cost
that enable them to access to the latest technology and enjoy various communication and entertainment tools through their gadgets.

Nokia lunches 25 to 30 sets in a year and 10 out of them could be categorized as Smartphone depending on the prices starting from Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000. However, different handsets having cost below Rs 10,000 provide
features of Smartphone.

The prices erosion and fluctuation in the retail market is matter of concern for handsets maker but it depends on the popularity and demand of the brand.

Sometimes, the prices of Smartphone drop in the retail market whereas it increases also at retailers end whenever demand picks up for particular high-end handsets.

Nokia dual SIMs sets will make a difference in real market because it is demand of large segment of customers, which they were missing in Nokia brands.

The dual SIMs factors reflects the ownership of dual connection possessing by mobile phone customers, hence, they want to utilize both for various purposes but on one handset. Nokia has made their dream true and introduce
high-tech and low-cost dual SIM sets, which retain the class of the brands and quality of the products as well.

The Nokia sees attractive and flourishing markets of its handsets in low-cost and high-end as well in the future. Therefore, it will increase its sales and distribution networks with more facilitation to customers and business partners.

The Nokia management is trying its level best to provide best customer care
services to its users, therefore, we have established our networks in major cities and have plans to move in different potential cities with its department “Nokia Care”

We ensure our customers for best of services not at the time of sales but after sale service as well because we value our customers and they are loyal to your brands in return.

It is our priority to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers because
this is our commitment and secret of success.