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Nationwide Celebrations Mark Pakistan Defense Day with Enthusiasm and Patriotism

Islamabad: On September 6 (today), the entire country celebrated the 58th Pakistan Defense Day with great excitement and patriotic fervor. On this day in 1965, the brave young soldiers of the Pakistani Army had successfully thwarted all the cunning schemes of the enemy.

Wednesday witnessed the celebration of Pakistan Defense Day with tremendous zeal across the nation. At the start of the day, after the Fajr prayer, special prayers were offered in mosques for the progress and prosperity of the country. There were also heartfelt prayers for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in defense of the motherland, accompanied by recitations from the Quran and Fateha.

A ceremony to commemorate Defense Day took place at the New Headquarters in Islamabad, with Vice Admiral Naveed Ashraf, Chief of Staff, as the special guest. Vice Admiral Naveed Ashraf laid floral wreaths at the memorial for the martyrs and recited Fateha.

On September 6, 1965, the brave soldiers of the Pakistani Army effectively countered all of India’s strategies, teaching cowardly adversaries a lesson. Their stories of courage, sacrifice, and heroism continue to inspire the nation today.