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Dubai to Karachi Container Seized with 8,520 Bottles of Foreign Liquor

Karachi: Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) officials have intercepted a container arriving from Dubai in Karachi and confiscated a significant quantity of foreign liquor.

According to an ANF spokesperson, 8,520 bottles of foreign liquor were being smuggled for a private company in Karachi.

The spokesperson stated that investigations have been initiated into this case. ANF has arrested five individuals during various operations in different parts of the country for smuggling narcotics in large quantities.

Near the Motorway Toll Plaza in Islamabad, two individuals on a passenger bus were found in possession of 2 kilograms of charas and 480 grams of ice. In Toba Tek Singh, 6 packets of charas were seized from a motorcyclist.

On University Road, Peshawar, 464 intoxicating capsules were recovered from a suspect, and a resident of Hangu has confessed to selling narcotics to university students.

At Bacha Khan International Airport, 86 capsules filled with heroin were found in a passenger’s stomach. The suspect from Khyber was attempting to depart for Dubai on flight number EK-637.

According to the ANF spokesperson, 20 kilograms of charas were recovered in two separate operations in the Zakha Khel area of Khyber for the purpose of smuggling. Cases have been registered against all suspects under the Anti-Narcotics Act, and further investigations have been initiated.