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PM Shahbaz Sharif Announces Auction of Toshakhana Gifts

In a recent meeting with representatives from prominent organizations such as the Pakistan Broadcasters Association, APNS, and CPNE, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif shed light on his government’s upcoming initiative. During the discussion, he revealed that the government intends to auction the Toshakhana gifts. The proceeds from this auction will be directed towards institutions catering to orphaned children, aiming to provide them with better care and support.

Reflecting on the journey of his administration, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif recalled the initial expectations of challenges upon assuming power. However, he acknowledged that the actual magnitude of the issues at hand became clearer with time. Expressing a sense of disappointment, he lamented that the past four years were marked by a diversion from the primary goal of serving the nation, focusing instead on discrediting political opponents.

Addressing the economic aspect, Shahbaz Sharif underlined the potential repercussions of a potential default scenario. He highlighted that such a scenario could lead to a halt in industrial activities and the emergence of fuel shortages, potentially affecting the daily lives of citizens. He noted that Pakistan’s alliances with friendly nations, coupled with agreements with the IMF, played a pivotal role in stabilizing the financial situation. The IMF agreement has already been finalized, leaving it to the current and future administrations to determine the path ahead for the nation’s economic growth.

Drawing attention to the broader economic landscape, Shahbaz Sharif stressed the importance of local production and self-sufficiency over heavy reliance on imports. He urged for a shift in priorities, emphasizing that the nation’s focus should be directed towards nurturing domestic industries instead of depending solely on external sources.

In conclusion, while unveiling the decision to auction Toshakhana gifts, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif demonstrated a commitment to extending the benefits of this initiative to the institutions supporting orphaned children.