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Cricket’s Inclusion in Olympics 2028 Under Consideration

Los Angeles: The possibilities of cricket being included in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics have increased. According to British media reports, the chances of cricket’s inclusion in the Olympics have grown, but the final decision will be made in September.

As per the report, discussions are ongoing for the participation of 9 sports, including cricket, in the Los Angeles Olympics. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has recommended the Twenty20 format for both men’s and women’s teams.

Global media sources have confirmed that 28 sports have been confirmed for the Olympics, while the host country can propose additional sports for the event, subject to approval from the IOC (International Olympic Committee). The objective of cricket’s inclusion in the event is to boost the popularity of Olympics broadcasting rights in Asia.

It is worth noting that if cricket is included in the Los Angeles Olympics, it will be the first time since 1900 that cricket will be a part of the Olympics. Prior to 1900, there was a match played between Britain and France in the Olympics.