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Typing Error: Sensitive US Military Emails Sent to Russian Ally

London: Due to a minor typing mistake, sensitive emails containing information about the US military were accidentally sent to a Russian ally.

According to British news agencies, a typing error in the US military’s emails millions of sensitive emails of the US Army were mistakenly sent to the Russian ally country, Mali. For a long period, due to this minor typing error in the domain, the US military’s emails continued to be sent to Mali. The Pentagon has stated that measures have been taken to address the email issue.

According to the British media, the US military’s domain is “mil,” while Mali’s domain is “ml.” The mistakenly sent emails included sensitive information such as passwords, medical records, maps of military installations, and travel details of military officers.

The Financial Times, the British newspaper that first revealed the news, stated that Dutch citizen Johannes Zuurbier, who manages the national domain, had pointed out this issue a decade ago. Zuurbier has recently checked thousands of incorrect emails and brought this serious error to the attention of US authorities.

The US authorities now claim to be aware of the matter and have taken steps to ensure that military emails are not sent to incorrect domains.