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From the Crusades to the War on Terror, Islam and the West’s Invasion of the World

The most frightening aspect is that the conquest of the West began only militarily, but the West soon created a class in the entire Islamic world that turned the military conquest of the West into a cultural conquest. The West refers to its civilization as Judeo-Christian, and the story of this civilization is that it has been at war with Islam and the world of Islam since the advent of Islam and the Prophet of Islam, peace is upon him, until now. The religious books of Jews and Christians contained predictions of the Prophet Muhammad’s, peace be upon his, advent, and they said that if they lived during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, not only would they believe in him but they would also fight alongside him against his enemies. However, when the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was sent, the majority of Jews and Christians denied his prophethood. It is narrated by Hazrat Safiya that before she embraced Islam, she saw an elder from her family talking to her father. One of them said, “Yes, Muhammad is the one whose prediction is in our book, right?” The other said, “Yes, he is the one.” The first said, “Then what’s the problem?” The other said, “We will never have faith in him and will continue to oppose him.” This opposition was due to the fact that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was not sent among the Jews or Christians. This attitude was the result of ignorance, and we seek refuge with Allah from it.

The Jews and especially the Christians say that Islam is a religion that imposes violence on its believers. They insist that Islam spreads by the power of the sword. However, those who object to this do not know that the sword can only conquer geography but cannot conquer hearts. The history of Islam and Muslims is that they conquered geography with the sword and conquered hearts with their character. If it were not for this, Islam would never have been a global religion. It is strange that the West accuses Muslims of violence and the use of force, but history shows that it was the West that first raised the sword against Islam and Muslims and started petty attacks on Islam. History tells us that it was the most prominent Christian figure, Pope Urban II, who stood in the church in 1095 and gave a speech. Pope Urban II said, “It has been revealed to me that Islam is a satanic religion and its followers are followers of a satanic religion, so it is the duty of Christians to wipe out this satanic religion and its followers from existence.” His speech did not go unheard as in 1099, the whole of Europe gathered under the banner of the cross, and those crusades lasted for more than two hundred years.

Western historians have stated that in the early stages of the Crusades, the Crusaders shed so much Muslim blood in Jerusalem that it was difficult to ride horses through the streets. The important thing is that Pope Urban did not refer to Islam as a demonic religion in any study or investigation. He did not provide any scientific, historical, or cultural evidence in this regard. Rather, he based his hatred and animosity on an analogy or inspiration. The problem with inspiration is that it comes from God as well as from Satan. Certainly, the inspiration of Pope Urban II was from Satan, but the person who was under the influence of demonic inspiration was accusing Islam of being a demonic religion. History shows that the West did not only call Islam a false religion, but it also denied the prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Very few Muslims know that the West considers the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to be a great historical figure, but they do not consider him to be a prophet. A thousand years ago, the official position of the Church was the same, and today the official position of the Church is that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) can be anything but not a prophet. The West accuses Islam of having taken some teachings from Jewish and Christian books and mixed them with the Quran. Therefore, at one time, the West used to call Islam “Mohammedanism” even though this term has never been used in Muslim history.

Some of these claims are historically accurate, while others are questionable or incorrect. For example, it is true that the Crusaders killed many Muslims during the First Crusade, and that Pope Urban II used inflammatory language to motivate the Christian knights to take up arms against the Muslims. It is also true that some Western historians have been critical of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), although it is not accurate to say that all Western historians hold this view, or that this view is representative of Western scholarship as a whole. Similarly, it is true that the Church has historically rejected the prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), but it is not accurate to say that this has always been the official position of the Church, or that the Church has never recognized the historical importance of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Finally, while it is true that the term “Mohammedanism” was once used by some Western scholars and writers to refer to Islam, it is not accurate to say that this term was never used by Muslims themselves.

The Crusades were the first Western invasion of Islam and the Muslim world. The unfortunate situation in the West ended with the conquests of Muslims in the final stages of the Crusades. During this stage, Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi defeated the Crusaders in their worst defeat and recaptured Jerusalem. When the Muslims conquered Jerusalem, they were in a position to seek revenge for the massacres of Muslims. When Salahuddin Ayyubi conquered Jerusalem, there were one hundred thousand Christians there. Salahuddin Ayyubi could have killed them all, but he worked with famous Muslim magnanimity. He told the Christians to pay tribute and leave Jerusalem. The wealthy Christians left, but the poor remained in Jerusalem. At this point, the traditional Muslim magnanimity came into play again. Sultan Salahuddin and his dear ones paid the poor Christians from their own pockets to leave Jerusalem. However, the West soon forgot the generosity and magnanimity of the Muslims. In the 19th century, the West launched a new Crusade against Islam and Muslims. In this Crusade, the English became dominant over the Muslim world, the French established their control, Muslims became slaves to the Germans, and the Italians, Portuguese, and Spaniards took control of Muslim kingdoms. As a result, the 19th and 20th centuries became centuries of slavery for Muslims.

The cause of the second invasion of Morocco was neither Islam nor Muslims. Muslims did not attack London or Paris. Industrial revolutions had been taking place in the West for some time, and the West needed new markets for their goods as well as free raw materials. As a result, all the Western nations emerged from their respective geographies and occupied the entire Muslim world. In this second invasion, the Western powers looted the Muslims so ruthlessly that there is no other example of it in human history. According to the research of India’s outstanding scholar, Utsa Patnaik, the British alone looted 45 trillion dollars from just Bengal. William Dalrymple, the renowned historian of the West, wrote in his famous book, “The Anarchy,” that when the British occupied Bengal, it was a prosperous and wealthy region that produced 25 percent of the world’s output. According to William Dalrymple, the British destroyed Bengal, and when the British left Bengal, it was producing only 4 percent of the world’s output. This one example can give an idea of how much the European nations looted and destroyed the Muslim world on a vast scale. The most frightening aspect of this invasion of the West is that while the conquest of the West initially was purely military, the West quickly created a class in the entire Muslim world that transformed the military conquest into a cultural victory.

After the 9/11 attacks, the third Yalgara against Islam and the Islamic world appeared in the West. The West blamed Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda for the 9/11 attacks, but there are millions of people in the Western world who believe that the attacks were carried out by domestic elements in America. In this third Yalgara, the West once again targeted both Islam and Muslims. Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy, said in a statement after 9/11 that Western civilization is superior to Islamic culture and just as it defeated communism, it will also defeat Islamic civilization. When Berlusconi made this statement, the West was claiming that it was going to fight against terrorism. If there were a spokesperson for the Muslims, he would have asked the Italian Prime Minister where the question of one civilization’s superiority over another culture and the balance between the civilizations in the war against terrorism arose. Unfortunately, there is no spokesperson for the Muslims, so the Italian Prime Minister said what he had to say. Before addressing the nation, President George W. Bush used the term “Crusade” in his speech, and the Urdu translation of Crusade is “Salibi Jung.” When objections were raised to George Bush’s Crusade, the White House announced that he had “slipped” in his language while giving his speech. In this regard, the prominent Western psychologist Fried has said that the slipping of language is also a psychological and emotional background, and the slipping of language …

The West’s conversation with Muslims is also a deception. This is an old matter, about twenty years old. When we met with the respected Qazi Hussain Ahmad, we expressed to him that Muslims often go to Western countries to have conversations with prominent Westerners, even though it is not necessary because the West does not engage in dialogue but engages in monologue. We told him that dialogue always takes place between equal powers, and the West does not consider us an equal power but rather a slave. Qazi Sahib did not agree with our opinion at the time, but after two or three years of experience, he said in a meeting that our opinion was correct, Westerners invite us to a conversation and then commit monologue, they neither listen to us nor accept it.

The West accuses Muslims of generating power and violence, but the entire history of the West is a history of wars and looting. The prominent psychologist of the West, Erich Fromm, wrote in his book “The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness” that Western nations have fought more than 2600 wars in the past five hundred years. According to Erich Fromm, the primitive man used to kill someone in his defence, but the modern man created by the West kills humans as a game. It is the West that has created two world wars, and in those world wars, more than 100 million people were killed. This is the Western man who killed 8 to 10 crore Red Indians to occupy America. This is the Western man who not only once but twice used the atomic bomb against Japan.

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