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The Bullpen: Changing entrepreneurship culture for women in Pakistan

KARACHI: A co-working space in DHA Karachi held an open discussion on Women Entrepreneurship. The panel included the founders of Roshni Rides (recently added to the Forbes 30 under 30 list) as well as social influencer Amtul Baweja and human rights activist, Muhammad Jibran Nasir amongst others. The open discussion shed light on some key issues regarding the pressure of society and family on working women in Pakistan but also talked about how over time their work earned the respect of those who doubted them at the start.

The conversation on passion and persistence was also the main highlight as one of the panelist Haya Lufullah pointed that sometimes it was about motivation or passion, but that simply one had to have the discipline to continue to work on their business. Gia Farooqi, CEO of Roshni Rides spoke about how there are good days and bad an how things can change for the good or bad in a matter of hours, but that none of that should effect the work being done.

Joining alongside Gia and Jibran, were local entrepreneurs Mehreen Hashmi, Solmaz Remi, Sara Mush, Zoha Naqvi and Saba Khalid. Tamjid Aijazi, CEO of The News Tribe was also present at the event.

Dr. Saiyid Ali, founder of Bullpen, was glad the event went as well, and that so many women left the event feeling inspired. He also mentioned that he wants to make the Bullpen a very female friendly co-working space and that he’s even made a women’s only exclusive section at The Bullpen.