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Did You Know The Brain Of Mobile Addict Is Different !

Beware folks if you are so much addicted to use your phone it is a time to control this habit. As the saying goes, excess of everything is bad, and excessive use of mobile is even more bad as it changes our brain functioning.

The brains of phone addict is similar to drug addicts

While there is still a great deal of study being done on this particular aspect, there have been some studies that areas of the brain that are typically highlighted and stimulated during drug use are also being stimulated during overuse of the smartphone.

People are receiving the same stimulation of their pleasure centers of the brain as they would with other types of addictions and find that their mind and body begin to physically crave the use of a device much in the way a drug addict would crave a particular substance.

Phone addicts suffer from memory loss

There is a great deal linked to addiction and memory loss and a phone addiction can be no different.

Constant and overuse of the phone for whatever reason can be taxing on the brain even if it does not feel that way at the time it is being used.

Those who engage in overuse may have trouble with their short-term and long-term memory, having a failure to recall certain things that they have done or are supposed to do because the phone has become the dominant point in their life.

Phone addicts find it harder to retrieve information

A lot of this fact goes back to the effects that a phone addiction can have on the brain and on memory loss.

Too much use of the phone can lead a person to have a harder time recalling any type of information.

This can be particular true when they are so accustomed to using their phone for everything that they do in life.

When the phone is not available for use they may have a harder time making decisions, discovering facts and retrieving information that they might normally know.

Phone addicts develop higher tolerance levels for phone use

As is the case with a number of addictions, a certain level of tolerance can begin to build anytime that you overuse anything.

It then requires more and more use to help you achieve the same feelings of relief and satisfaction for your body.

This is true of phone addicts, who will require longer and longer periods of using their phone regularly and more often in order to feel at peace with what they are doing and be satisfied with their lives.

A phone addict’s brain becomes trained to feel good through phone use

As an addict, the person that is overusing and abusing their phone use will become so reliant on using their phone regularly that the use will feel better and better to them all of the time.

Their brain will become used to the good feelings it receives when the phone is being used and want to replicate that feeling more and more all of the time, leading to perhaps an even greater addiction and more use.

Like any type of addiction, there is going to be some type of impact that occurs on the brain of the person that is considered to be a phone addict.

The more the device gets used for hours and hours each day the more the brain and body are going to come to rely on and crave the use, causing the person to try to find more and more time to use the phone each day.

This will naturally come to interfere with the daily lifestyle that the person would normally lead as they become wrapped up in just using their phone.

There are more studies going on all the time as smartphones are still relatively new to the world so there is nothing definitive as of yet but there does seem to be a real distinction among the brain of a phone addict when compared to others.


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