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Sweden: Another Incident of the Desecration of the Holy Quran Under Police Protection

Stockholm: In another distressing incident, the Holy Quran was desecrated in Sweden, leading to public outrage as bystanders attempted to apprehend the individual responsible. Despite their efforts, the Iraqi refugee named Salwan Momika who has made it a habit of desecrating the Holy Quran, managed to escape with police protection at the scene.

According to international news agencies, Salwan Momika made another attempt to desecrate the Holy Quran at a busy crossroad, prompting nearly 200 people to protest against this unacceptable act. However, their efforts to apprehend him were thwarted as he fled under police protection.

On this occasion, the public also voiced their dissatisfaction with what they perceived as partisan behavior by the police. Subsequently, the police not only registered cases against the protesters but also arrested 15 individuals in the Varnhemstorget area of Malmo who were attempting to prevent Salwan Momika, an Iraqi refugee residing in Stockholm, from burning a Quran while under police protection. Approximately 100 protesters threw objects at both the police and Momika during the incident. Following a confrontation, the police removed Momika from the scene and detained 15 protesters.

Sweden, along with Denmark, has faced criticism for allowing public desecration of the Quran under police protection. Various incidents involving different individuals in multiple locations have raised concerns about security in the country.