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Australian Islamic College’s executive principal receives multicultural award

PERTH, Australia: The Office of Multicultural Interests organised Western Australian Multicultural Awards 2021 ceremony last week. Hon Paul Papalia, the minister for tourism; racing and gaming, small business, defence issues; citizenship and multicultural interests, presented Abdullah Khan with Outstanding Individual Achievement Award recognising his outstanding individual achievement in advancing multiculturalism.

Abdullah has a keen interest in diversity and cross-cultural advocacy. This award recognises his outstanding work to advance, promote and implement principles of multiculturalism, along with advocating in removing barriers such as racism and discrimination often experienced by culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

The award also recognises Abdullah’s contributions to improving services provided to culturally and linguistically diverse communities including the work he does to encourage initiatives and activities between different cultural and ethnic groups.

Abdullah used every possible platform to advocate for the elimination of hate-related crimes often associated with Islamaphobia, particularly against girls and women dressed in Islamic attire in public spaces.

He has been involved in counter-terrorism measures, education for community and youth including cross-cultural and inter-faith initiatives to promote understanding, harmony and respect.

Abdullah is a member of the WA Police Muslim Advisory Group, President of the Islamic Schools Association of Australia, and most recently was appointed a member of the Ministerial Multicultural Advisory Council (MMAC).

The Australian Islamic College Board is immensely proud that Abdullah’s work has been recognised by the Office of Multicultural Interests and are looking forward to supporting him in his endeavours to continue to positively impact the lives of culturally and linguistically diverse communities in WA.