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Pakistan Science

Mahmood develops Pakistan’s 5th powerful telescope

Okara: Asad Mahmood, from the city Okara, Punjab, wants to see the universe. It was his dream that inspired him to see the moon and stars, which tends him to develop the 5th most powerful telescope of the country.

His father gifted him telescope in his childhood. This toy inspired Mahmood a lot, and he thought of making a telescope.

 He faced financial problems when he started making the telescope but he continued to achieve his goal, which took six months.

On his first attempt the lens broke, but his spirit did not let him down, and he succeeded at last.

He has already seen Mars and Jupiter and also captured snaps of different planets with the help of this telescope. He told that he can see anything 300 times bigger than its original size.

Mahmood is a hard worker who believes in the power of science, but due to financial problems he works as a tutor to support his family

However, he has a plan to make Pakistan’s largest telescope.